Marker Training Knife

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IKMF has customised a special training knife that leaves red marks at the point of contact when used in training, giving the effect of a wound / blood.

The outer casing of the knife is made from high resistant antishock plastic; nylon reinforced with 30% elastometric fibreglass. Inside this casing is a 1.5mm stainless steel profile, which gives realistic rigidity and weight. The blade has an edge of absorbent fibre, which serves as the marker when it makes contact.

The marker material makes up to 400 marks before requiring a refill. Refill is done through two holes in the blade. The knife and the absorbent fibre are divided into two parts, so it is possible to load two colours to distinguish between the blows inflicted by the tip of the knife, and those by blade edge of the knife.

During training the defender wears a white t-shirt in order to highlight the blows inflicted. This is also leaves marks on the skin. The marking ink provided is non-toxic and washable, but will withstand heavy perspiration during training.

The knife is supplied with a sheath of the marker material, snap-on strap, and 10ml red ink.

Ink refills are available, as are replacement marker materials, and other accessories. Please contact us for further information and prices if required.

Dimensions: Overall Length = 227mm Blade Length = 97mm Weight = 170g